Spotlight on the Conference: “European Citizenship at the Crossroads – Inclusive Europe for Mobile EU Citizens”

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On Wednesday 3 July, the ECIT Foundation will host a significant conference entitled “European Citizenship at the Crossroads”. This event marks the conclusion of the “Inclusive Europe for Mobile EU Citizens” (MobileCIT) project and will take place from 10.30 to 18.00 at the European Economic and Social Committee in Meeting Room B-0025 at Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1000 Bruxelles.

Event Overview

Timed strategically after the European elections of 6-9 June the Conference aims to delve into the role of the new EU legislature in defending European rights and promoting transnational citizenship. ECIT has been at the forefront of advocating for a Statute on EU Citizenship, which has garnered support from the European Parliament and the Conference on the Future of Europe. Our Conference will explore strategies to bring this and other significant proposals to the attention of the new Parliament, particularly during the parliamentary hearings of future Commissioners. A focal point of the Conference will be the presentation of the revamped European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), entitled “Teach Me Europe.” This initiative advocates for European citizenship education and Erasmus for all. The Conference will also present the related conclusions from the EU-financed MobileCIT project.

Project Conclusion

‘Inclusive Europe for Mobile EU Citizens’ (MobileCIT) is a project organised by, MyVoice Latvia, Open Knowledge Sweden, Europeans Throughout the World (ETTW) and  the ECIT Foundation, both based in Brussels.  The project seeks to bolster the participation of EU citizens in everyday EU political life. The Conference will provide a platform to review the project’s outcomes.

Panel Discussions

There will be three panel discussions focusing on the core components of citizenship: Rights, Participation, and Belonging. The Conference brings in participants from civil society, research, diaspora associations, and policy-making sectors, encouraging cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary brainstorming both in-person and online.

How to ensure the EU prioritises the defence of European rights to freedom of movement? How should mobile citizens be represented, and how should the EU pursue reforms to participatory and representative democracy? How can the benefits of European Citizenship be extended to both mobile citizens and those who remain in their home countries? The Conference will be an opportunity to share many demands being put forward to the new EU legislature. The appointment of a Commissioner for European Citizenship is a a key demand in this background discussion document, which demands decisive action by the EU in response to over-nationalistic European elections.

MobileCIT Project Findings

The Conference will draw on insights from the MobileCIT project, presenting a final report that includes an analysis of the needs of mobile citizens, based on 14 key questions and their collected answers; techniques for citizen participation and subsequent advocacy with EU Institutions and advisory bodies; a roadmap for future cooperation.

Symbolic Vote Report

At 10.30, the event will kick off with the release of the Symbolic Vote report organised by the ECIT Foundation and Voters Without Borders. This vote, conducted from April 26 to June 30, reflects public opinion from a wide variety of nationalities and age groups on key issues. Participants can find more details and vote online via our homepage. Findings from the question “Should Votes at 16 be spread across the EU?” both from MobileCIT and the Symbolic Vote are surprising and have policy implications.