Our Proposal

“I'm going European” — An ECI demanding European citizenship education for all

This European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) aims for a Europe of equal opportunity. In theory, young people have the freedom of Europe, but there is a gap between the fine principles of the law and the barriers to access. If one third of EU citizens have the civic education and skills to take advantage of Europe, the majority miss out. EU declarations on European citizenship education are a “dead letter”. The citizen-led Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) appealed repeatedly for education in European values and critical thinking to meet major challenges: migration, climate change, media literacy and the digital age. The EU ignores this appeal at its peril.

STATUS UPDATE: Our registration request was approved on 8th November 2023 by the European Commission, and we have announced our Citizens’ Committee of 11 members. We now have six months to open the signature collection.