MobileCIT Question 10

"Do civil society organisations that represent mobile EU citizens need dedicated funding opportunities? What could this additional funding help do? How are you helping to achieve that?"

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Many mobile EU citizens join diaspora associations to maintain their cultural heritage and civic participation.

However, the EU tends to overlook their contribution to European civic space and instead focuses on supporting civil society organisations that work transnationally. This makes it difficult for diaspora associations to attract EU funding for their core tasks.

Tailored funding programs for European diaspora associations would acknowledge the importance of diversity for EU integration, and strengthen these organisations and their contribution to the European civic space. This would be a particularly important support for diaspora associations that assemble expats who are not supportive of Euro-sceptic policies of governments of their country of EU nationality.

One of the project’s member organizations, Secretary General of Swedes Worldwide Cecilia Borglin shares what her organization does and what additional funding could bring:

“Swedes Worldwide is a non-profit organization that represents mobile Swedish citizens, irrespective of whether they reside abroad for a year or several decades, as well as repatriating Swedes. We monitor interests and address pertinent issues through advocacy and lobbying.

The sustainability of our mission hinges on securing long-term and robust financing. Presently, our financial support stems from member fees, partnerships with Swedish enterprises, and individual contributions. Additional funding would empower us to reach even higher goals, recognizing that international experience is indispensable for the enrichment of our society.”

The article is posted in collaboration with MobileCIT.