General resources on trust

Sources relating to trust and the broader aspects of citizenship, such as belonging and shared identity, are even more scattered. A good starting point is a synthesis by the European Commission of research projects relating to European identity and the EUCROSS Project. Other relevant websites are the Europe for Citizens Programme, and the DG Education and Culture website.

Useful non-governmental sources are:

More resources on:

ECIT’s Point of View

ECIT’s work focuses on how to make participatory and deliberative processes a pillar of EU decision-making. A European law should be proposed. The need for a simpler, less technocratic regime for European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECIs) is urgent. The Guidelines call for elections to the European Parliament to become more European by introducing transnational party lists. But reforming what exists and innovating are not enough. There should be a right to European citizenship education and to participate in a European life-long learning programme.