Tackling Brexit

Creating a new category of European rights holders in search of a status

The impact of the UK leaving the EU on 3 million EU citizens living in the UK and 1.3 UK citizens living in the EU has been discussed at the Summer Universities and at special briefings from the Commission’s lead negotiator on this topic. 

A complaint has been made to the Commission and to the European Ombudsman by Tony Venables and a petition presented to the European Parliament on the loss of EU citizenship. 

Recently a request has been made to the Commission for access to documents to seek clarity about future free movement rights for UK citizens.

In here, you can also find our invitation to support the permanent European Union citizenship, in which we demand for a more inclusive citizenship beyond the nation state. Furthermore, we are planning a brainstorming debate about how we can implement the support for the permanent EU citizenship.

Useful resources

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The full article is available to download from the SSRN website.

VENABLES, Tony (2016), The UK Referendum on Membership of the EU, One Choice Hides Another – To Keep or Give up European Citizenship.
Full download or download the shortened version of this article