After the 2018 Summer University on European Citizenship

What were the main results of the Summer University and what are the next steps for ECIT?

We are currently working on a report of the event, which encouraged the bringing together of a significant amount of material, from civil society organisations, academics and policy makers. Dialogue between these three groups has been shown to be highly productive, so the report could provide a useful resource for all those studying or looking into the potential for action offered by this first legally established transnational citizenship of the modern era. Most of the speakers have sent in their contributions, which we will publish with the report, especially since there was not enough time at a two-day event for them to present all their ideas and findings.

Whilst we continue our work on the event report, we have briefly summarised the main themes discussed during the two days of debate and the evening event held at the Press Club in our brief account of the event:  After the 2018 Summer University on European Citizenship, downloadable below. 

Reactions, suggestions?

Any will be gratefully received, as we work on the report of the Summer University and start planning the 2019 version.