Our Privacy Policy

Updated June 2018

“At ECIT, we care about Data Protection and Privacy as a fundamental right in the EU Charter of Rights and a defining feature of our transnational citizenship. This is an area where Europe is in advance of the rest of the world and should be proud of its legislation. We should both promote data protection and apply it to ourselves. This is why we have adopted this simple policy in response to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is not a policy set in stone but one which is more than enough to protect your rights at our current stage of development as a start-up. It may well need to become more detailed if ECIT takes off and develops services which could involve more use of data apart from a person’s name and contact details. I will make sure this policy is implemented and reviewed periodically by the ECIT Board of Directors” 

— TONY VENABLES, Founder and Director of ECIT