General resources on involvement

In this section we look at the citizen and the EU in terms of Article 11 (TEU) which can be interpreted as rhetoric or a call for creating a European public sphere.

Parts of the Europa website with its portals on European citizenship and Transparency are relevant.

Below we provide links to different channels of communication for citizens with the EU Institutions.

More resources on:

ECIT's point of view

ECITS’ work focuses on how to reform the EU so citizens see what is being decided and have a real say. A right to be informed and freedom of information in the Institutions are not enough if lobbying practices surrounding them remain hidden from view. Citizens have a right to see their legislative footprint. There should be a mandatory transparency register of interest groups. Consultations should become genuinely for the public – and not just the experts – published in all languages and with proper accountability by explaining why proposals were or were not accepted.