Our ECI Proposal

ECI proposal on full political rights for European citizens on the move


This proposal is based on work already done by the ECIT foundation and the recommendations from the annual summer university on European citizenship. The title “Voters Without Borders!” is based on the paradox of the Maastricht Treaty which created EU citizenship 26 years ago. The Treaty was a step forward introducing the right of European citizens to vote and stand as candidates in local and European elections in their country of residence. Political rights were attached to freedom of movement. The reform did not however include regional elections or the ones which really count-the national ones-or referenda. 

The aim of this European citizens’ initiative (ECI) is to create full political rights for European citizens.

An ECI is the right instrument to raise such a constitutional issue as the need for universal suffrage on the European continent. This agenda-setting right was added to the catalogue of European citizenship rights by the Lisbon Treaty and enforced by regulation (EU) 2019/788 -a new instrument designed to make it easier to use this right. An initiative is registered provided it is in the legal competence of the Commission and reaches the threshold set in at least 7 member states and over 1 million signatures within one year. The Commission is not obliged to act on a successful ECI but has to take the proposal seriously and is under a moral and political obligation to do so. The real question is whether this ECI can succeed in gathering over 1 million signatures. 

At the bottom of this page you can download the earlier paper "TASK FORCE FOR THE INITIATIVE ALWAYS LET US VOTE" which is divided in two parts:

Part one presents the ECI, and the reasons why this this demand for full political rights for people on the move should be launched

Part two explains how a task force of young people will be recruited and trained to conceive, create and campaign for the ECI, which will be launched at the ECIT annual summer university in September 2020.

In the conclusion, we summarize the argument for “Voters Without Borders” and explain why this is the right time to launch this initiative. The ECI is a follow-up to the European elections and the appointment of a new Commission giving priority to an action plan for democracy and a conference with citizens on the future of Europe.

Take a look at our latest strategy paper!
Take a look at our latest strategy paper!