EU Citizenship post Brexit

Post Brexit – defending, reinventing and asserting EU citizenship

ECIT is about defending and promoting European citizenship as such (see our article written before the UK Referendum on membership of the EU). In the context of Brexit, defending acquired European rights for both EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU is the essential bottom line. Citizenship is though more than just a status quo, it is also a platform for grass-roots action and change, in this case to Europe. We made the point that no one was informed by either the Leave or Remain Campaign that UK citizens would also be making a choice to retain or renounce their additional EU citizenship. Even though this is a fundamental status of nationals of Member States?

Even though this status is associated with European rights to free movement, but by no means limited to any particular European policy? Even though this status may be too weak to provide the necessary transnational solidarity for the EU to tackle its crises more effectively? Even though EU citizenship is set to become stronger, so its loss could rob our children of part of their future? Stripping people of citizenship has become a controversial aspect in the fight against terrorism, but at least there has been open debate about it. Sleight of hand and hidden denial of a citizenship status is a stain on a referendum campaign which was otherwise democratic, heated and wide-ranging.

How to react?

  • Signing our Petition to the European Parliament on “The loss of EU citizenship of 64 million people and the limitation of the rights all other European citizens as a result of Brexit” 
  • Writing in with any ideas at