Piecing together Europe's Citizenship Tony Venables

Venables, T. (2016), Piecing together Europe’s Citizenship – Searching for Cinderella, Nomos

Tony Venables is the Founder and Director of ECIT Foundation, as well as the Director of Maison des Associations Internationales (MAI), based in Brussels.

Piecing together Europe’s Citizenship is the work of a civil society activist and European affairs expert rather than an academic. His life-long experience with the EU is a unique feature of this book. The main thesis that European citizenship is too scattered to allow it to be understood let alone developed is an original contribution which should encourage further research. It is argued that only a shared sense of citizenship will provide a basis for the EU to overcome the different crises it faces. This therefore relates European citizenship to the debate on the future of the EU, which is a highly topical theme. The book should therefore appeal to readers interested in both citizenship and European politics more generally – civil society activists, researchers and policy makers, particularly those concerned with issues of EU reform to make the institutions more open and democratic and create a European public sphere. It is useful for students, particularly of law, political science and European studies.

Copies of this book are available to purchase online via the Nomos website.