One year after the UK’s referendum, uncertainty still prevails and there are many questions about how to keep European rights. How many UK citizens are applying for Belgian citizenship? What is going on with demands for naturalisation increasing in other EU countries and in the UK? Are we any wiser about the future of European rights post-BREXIT? What is going on with the European citizens’ initiatives (ECIs) and all the petitions? What about the future of European Citizenship?

If we have little clarification about the future of European rights we have even less about BREXIT generally. Especially since the UK governing party lost its overall parliamentary majority, very different versions of the outcome are being advocated. In any case the space for citizens and civil society to act has increased.

The public debate is part of a three-day Summer University on European Citizenship Countering threats to European citizenship across borders, reconfiguring its future” organized by the ECIT Foundation at MAI (30 August – 1 September 2017). Over 200 people are expected for the public debate in the evening: registration is free of charge.

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*The event will be held under the High Patronage of the European Parliament.

PUBLIC DEBATE, 31 August 2017: “BREXIT, Decoupling European Rights from EU Citizenship?”