Event: The Future of European Citizenship, bEUcitizen Final Conference, a project financed under the EU’s FP7.

Venue: Résidence Palace, Rue de la Loi 155, 1048 Brussels, Belgium

Date: 26 April at 10:00 am — 28 April at 6:00 pm

The challenges that the EU and its citizens face are huge: widening inequality; the rise of populism and Euro-skepticism; challenges to open borders and mobility; the consequences of the Brexit referendum, to list but a few. These challenges do not only demand an improved narrative on European citizenship but also new visions of European citizenship of the future.

The bEUcitizen Final Conference will look into the meaning and significance of EU Citizenship and will present and discuss findings, conclusions and policy recommendations in light of the migration ‘crisis’, the still existing barriers to free movement and the rise of anti-European politics.

Debates will be organised with academics, policy makers and civil society organisations/ EU citizens around the following themes:

  • Alternative forms of Citizenship,
  • Migration,
  • Rise of anti-European Politics: Legitimacy, cohesion and solidarity in the EU.

As a kick off a future creating workshop on European Citizenship will be held during the first afternoon. Together with different groups of youth, members of the European Parliament, civil servants from several countries and NGO representatives, scenarios will be explored for strengthening EU citizenship in the 21st century.

Download here the programme.

Register by 7 April 2017.

For further information, please contact coordination.team@beucitizen.eu.

bEUcitizen Final Conference – The Future of European Citizenship (26-28 April 2017)